Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number (or: heart desire number) reflects the innermost cravings and desires that are present in any individual’s heart. Thus, it is without doubt one of the most important numbers that are present on the numerology chart of any individual.

The vowels present in the full name of any person are converted to their corresponding numerical values, and then summed up to arrive at a single digit or a master number to derive this number. However, the name used for deriving this number must in the unchanged form as it appears on the birth certificate of any person. This number can be extremely useful in finding out about the personal likes, dislikes, and natural inclinations of any individual.
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Soul Urge Number 1:

Soul Urge 1People born with Soul Urge Number 1 on their charts tend to be highly effective as leaders and value their individuality and independence above everything else. These individuals tend to be full of bright and radical ideas, which they believe they can turn into reality with their inherent clarity of thought and purpose. These individuals possess extremely strong personalities, which make them suitable for leading others, and receive an abundance of attention, and respect. These individuals tend to be highly disciplined even though they may develop a weakness for excessive sensuality. Moreover, they must be efficient in turning their thoughts into action, and avoid being too bossy with the others.

SoulUrge Number 2:

Soul Urge 2Individuals that have Soul Urge Number 2 tend to possess a highly artistic and romantic nature, with an added inclination for being polite and peaceful in their demeanor. These people have flair of creativity but are not that efficient in implementing their ideas. These individuals tend to make great diplomats or mediators because of their ability to represent and combine differing points of views. They happen to be highly effective in socializing with others, and are excellent team members. These individuals make great lover, and they are diligent at work, which helps them in succeeding despite their week physicality.

Soul’s Urge Number 3:

Soul Urge 3People born under the auspices of Soul Urge Number 3 tend to be highly ambitious, and their great dream in life is to be remembered for achieving something great in life. These individuals most often start quite modestly in their early lives, but their unbridled flow of enthusiasm, optimism, cheeriness, and creativity helps them achieving their life’s goal later in the day. These individuals are not comfortable working as subordinate to others, and are fond of grand tasks that will help employ others and change the world. These individuals tend to possess a magnetic personality, which attracts others, while their active imagination makes them believe that they can achieve everything.

Soul Urge Number 4:

Soul Urge 4The Soul Urge Number 4 is known for providing individuals born with this number on their numerology charts with a penchant for hard work, and practicality, as well as, a natural inclination towards maintaining order and following strict discipline. These people are capable of accepting numerous ups and downs in their lives without complaining, and their ability to tolerate pain is second to none. They are always on the side of the underdogs, and can withstand the barrage of criticism that usually comes their way. Individuals with this number tend to possess romantic and polite nature, but they must cease trusting others blindly.

SoulUrge Number 5:

Soul Urge 5Individuals with the Soul Urge Number 5 on their numerology charts tend to possess highly delicate nature, which is extremely sensitive and therefore vulnerable to the manipulations of the people they trust. These people tend to spend a lot of their time trying to please others and win their appreciation. However, these individuals are capable of making rapid decisions, and their impulsive nature make them incapable of sticking to any one plan for long. These individuals are often of cheery demeanor but their inconsistent nature often makes them incapable of developing long-term friendships, even though they find great pleasure in interacting with people.

Soul’s Urge Number 6:

Soul Urge 6Individuals belonging to Soul Urge Number 6 tend to possess the natural flair to attract members of the opposite sex, as well as, anyone else in their vicinity thanks to their suave and eloquent nature. These people are often luxurious and refined in their taste, while they are also popular because of their habit of spending huge amounts of money for any cause. These individuals are fond of leading a luxurious life, and find untidiness and messy nature to be repelling. However, these individuals can easily become too self-obsessed, which can lead to them becoming withdrawn from their family and friends.

Soul Urge Number 7:

Soul Urge 7People born with the Soul Urge Number 7 have the natural inclination to bring about revolutionary changes or spend time in spiritual pursuit because of their keen and analytical mind. These individuals are quite different from others, and they may often discover true bliss in spiritual contemplation. These individuals possess a kind and honest heart, and they find injustice and dishonesty to be intolerable. They also tend to be unique in their perspective and a combination of romanticism and spirituality defines them. They are also quite effective as speakers, and can become socially popular because of their lack of differentiation between the rich and the poor.

SoulUrge Number 8:

Soul Urge 8Individuals born under the influence of Soul Urge Number 8 tend to be extremely hard workers who have an all-consuming drive to achieve great success in life. However, the strong drive for success often makes these individuals prone to misunderstanding by their employers, colleagues, and even family and friends. The fact these individuals tend to be secretive and introverted makes it even more difficult for others to understand their true motives. However, these people possess a tremendous amount of will power, which provides them with the ability to negotiate any hostile situation, and stay on course to achieve their dreams.

Soul’s Urge Number 9:

Soul Urge 9Soul Urge Number 9 renders individuals born under its influence with a strong flow of energy, which tends to render them restless and in the need of doing something incessantly. These individuals cannot afford to relax until they have achieved their dreams, and their inner fighting spirit makes them capable of reaching the top of the heap in field they have chosen in their life. However, these people possess generous amount of love, compassion, and selflessness, which enables them to utilize their formidable abilities for the betterment of the universe, and not their own selfish gaining.

Soul Urge Number 11:

Soul Urge 11Soul Urge Number 11 is the first of the master numbers, and individuals born under the influence of this number tend to possess incredible memory and an innate understanding of the fallacy of the physical world that surrounds them. These people are extremely efficient at cataloguing all the diverse experiences they go through in life, and also look beyond the boundaries of the physical world, even though they possess a highly grounded nature. These individuals often face adverse situations early on in their lives, but this makes them inclined towards fixing things and affecting changes in their surroundings for the greater good.

SoulUrge Number 22:

Soul Urge 22Soul Urge Number 22 represents the second of the master numbers, and individuals born under its influence tend to possess the ability to leave an indelible mark on the history books through their achievements. These individuals are born with an incredible amount of responsibility on their shoulders, which extols a heavy price. They often have to live their life under intense scrutiny of others, while many might feel threatened because of their limitless abilities. However, they need to let go of these restrictions, and instead focus upon living life according to their true potential, which is often that of a true visionary.

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