Expression Number

The Expression Number is among the most important of the numbers present on the numerology chart of any individual. This number forms one of the core numbers for any individual, and it provides the most telling indication regarding the talents possess by any person, as well as, their general attitudes and inclinations in life. This number is derived by converting the letters present in the full name of a person into their subsequent numerical values, and then adding the first, middle, and last name separately until they arrive at a single digit. The next step is to add the numbers derived form the first, middle (if any), and the last name, and keep adding them until arriving at a single digit or a master number such as 11, 22, and 33.. as explain on the Numerology name calculator.
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Expression 1:

Expression 1Expression Number 1 tends to possess a natural flair for leadership, which their highly ambitious and individualistic nature tends to complement well. These people tend to remain immersed in their own endeavor to reach any goal or dream that they want to, and this makes them excessively self-centered to be able to see any flaws present in their plan of action. They can also turn highly critical of those closest to them, and this make them feel isolated and alienated. However, if they can utilize their talents constructively, these individuals can revel as leaders in any field they pursue.


Expression 2:

Expression 2People born with Expression Number 2 tend to be best suited for working in unison with others, rather than taking up the leadership mantle. These individuals end to possess a friendly and open-minded demeanor, which makes them suitable for developing constructive partnerships with others. However, their role of being the power behind the throne may not always receive adequate recognition, which often leaves them with a feeling of bitterness. These people are most comfortable in harmonious and balanced relationships, with their sensitive nature making them particularly vulnerable to unkind words and gestures. They make the best of partners because of this sensitive nature.

Expression 3:

Expression 3Individuals possessing the 3 Expression Number tend to possess an outgoing personality, which combined with a unique verve, tend to make them highly inspiring to those that are in close vicinity to them. These people are extremely expressive in nature, and they are fond of socializing with others. However, these individuals frequently suffer from lack of self-discipline, which usually results in them scattering their talents. Thus, it is essential that these individuals learn to focus, and concentrate upon utilizing their talents in achieving success. They possess immense creative talent, which they can use to succeed in various creative endeavors in life in fields as diverse as art and politics.

Expression 4:

Expression 4Expression Number 4 tend to be highly methodical and meticulous in all their endeavors, which makes them suitable for playing the role of anchor in any enterprise. These individuals tend to possess a keen sense of order, which they can even introduce into creative field, even at the cost of somewhat stifling its spontaneity. These people often possess a strong sense of morality, which may even turn them a tad stubborn and rigid in their personal beliefs. The real challenge that these people face is to become more imaginative and innovative in their endeavors, instead of following routine to the point of fanaticism.

Expression 5:

Expression 5People born with 5 Expression Number tend to value personal freedom above everything else, and freedom acts as the nucleus for all their success in life. Routine life is the irritation for these people, and they feel most comfortable while leading an adventurous and exciting life. However, they need to be careful in ensuring there is enough self-discipline in their life to make most of their youthful enthusiasm, which others find, so very attractive. They must also keep their fondness for trying out everything once in life within healthy limits, and avoid indulging in dangerous habits. They should also be careful about being in shallow relationships.

Expression 6:

Expression 6Individuals born with Expression Number 6 have a natural tendency of feeling responsible for others, and putting their needs before their own. These people possess an innate sense of justice, which combined with their loving, caring, and honest nature, makes them highly responsible and trustworthy in relationships. They also possess the unique ability to handle opposing opinions, and this makes them suitable for professions involving counseling, or even business ventures in areas that consist of dealing with people. However, they have the tendency to suppress their natural talents and abilities, which may result in them not realizing their true potential.

Expression 7:

Expression 7People having the Expression Number 7 are born with a highly analytical mind, which often drives them in a lifelong quest for unrevealing the truth and imbibing all the knowledge that they can afford. However, the propensity to stay immersed in world of analysis often tends to make these people seem aloof to others. These individuals may feel the occasional pang of discovering the perceived shallowness of those around them, and may turn them rather cynical about life in general. However, they may consider contemplation and meditation to help them attain peace and balance in their personal life.

Expression 8:

Expression 8Expression Number 8 tends to be unique in the sense that these individuals tend to possess an extremely strong sense of enterprise, with their highly competitive nature providing them with an innate sense to strive to excel in any field that they pursue. These people turn to be great leader of men, and have an outstanding sense of judging others, which provides them the ability to lead others toward greatness. However, they need to be able to balance their approach in life, which includes the spiritual and material aspect of life, to be able to realize their true potential.

Expression 9:

Expression 9Individuals with 9 Expression Number are by nature filled with idealism and compassion, qualities that make them suitable for being humanists striving to transform the world for the better. These people derive the greatest level of satisfaction when they are working for the public good, and this includes career in varied professions such as politics, environmental protection, healing, and teaching among others. However, these individuals are not efficient judge of characters, and this makes them vulnerable to manipulation. Even then, their unshakeable trust upon humanity often helps them in bringing the best out of others, and makes the world a better place.

Expression 11:

Expression 11Expression Number 11 is the first of the master number, and individuals possessing it usually have a powerful presence even though they are not aware of this gift themselves. These individuals possess an innate understanding of the bridge between the conscious and unconscious self, and there sensitiveness make them aware that they are quite different from the others. However, these people are often vulnerable to emotional turmoil, and this may turn them overtly hesitant about choosing friends and falling in love in life. They must learn how to channel their inherent human strength to be able to realize their true potential.

Expression 22:

Expression 22Individuals with Expression Number 22 are blessed with the ability to dream big and to turn those humongous ambitions in the reality through their fathomless talent and abilities. These people possess tremendous leadership quality, and an ability to inspire others to help them reach their goal. Their ultimate goal is to leave an indelible mark on civilization, and they can achieve those if they learn how to channel their power in a constructive manner. This is important because these individuals may feel hesitant at times about taking risks in life, which is likely to restrict their ability to perform great deeds, and in turn lead to frustration and cynicism.

Expression 33:

Expression 33The spiritual wisdom and enlightenment that is inherent in the character of people with Expression Number 33 offers them the unique opportunity of becoming the ‘Master Teacher’ for the entire human race. However, this can become torturous for these individuals, and they may never blossom because of the exceedingly amount of expectation thrust upon them. In fact, these people can even turn harmful for those around them in case they turn their abilities into negative channels. Thus, it is essential for them to cling onto their humanity, and use their incredible healing power to care and comfort for others.

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