Numerology Name Calculator

Numerology Name Calculator

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It is possible to receive a fully personalized report of your Life Path number, Expression number and Soul’s Urge number using the letters present in your name and the numbers in the date of birth using the numerology name calculator. The analysis of your personalized reading helps in exploring the possible path your life will follow, as well as, the course of your heart’s desires. The name numerology calculator helps in converting the alphabets of your name into numbers that form the expression number, and indicates the true extent of your natural talents and abilities, and how best to take full advantage of them in order to get ahead in life. On the other hand, the Soul Urge number will provide true picture of your heart’s deepest desires. You will also receive guidance regarding what course to follow to avoid any obstacles that might be present in your path.
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What is a Numerology Calculator?

Your name is an inseparable part of your identity, and it plays an indispensable part in shaping your destiny along with your birth date. In fact, your name plays a determining role in shaping various aspects of your life, which includes the list of your core abilities, inherent strengths, and character traits that define you as a person. The numerology calculator serves as an extremely handy tool in helping your finding out various exciting new avenues towards discovering your true self.

Your full name and birth date are going to be essential for calculating your essential numbers, as per the Pythagorean Numerology. Some of these will be based solely upon the number of your birth date, others on your name, while the rest requiring both. The name numerology calculator enables you to enter your birthday details, and then allowing it to calculate the numbers that holds special significance in your life, without going into the hassle of calculating them on your own.



About Numerology:

Numerology has been around for the past 4000 years, and the present system that we use is based on the work of the esteemed mathematician of the ancient world, Pythagoras, whom many believe to the Father of Mathematics. This field considers the numbers from one through nine to represent the various stages symbolically through which an idea passes symbolically before reaching the manifestation into reality stage. Moreover, this belief holds that the human life also passes through these stages while on its life’s journey on earth.



Life Path Number Meanings:

The Numerology Life Path Numbers are among the most important present on the numerology chart of any person because they provide the clearest indication regarding the personality traits of that individual. This number also serves as an extremely effective hint towards the challenges that people will face in their lives, as well as, the lessons and opportunities that they can gain from the experience of facing such challenges. The process to derive this number consists of adding up all the digits present in the birth date of a person, and then continuing to add them until arriving at a single digit, or a master number such as 11, 22, or 33.


1 Life Path:

11 Life Path indicates that individuals born under its influence tend to possess strong personality traits befitting a leader. These people are often highly ambitious, and they have the desire and the thinking required for dreaming big and then accomplishing those in reality. Thus, even if they face challenges and obstacles in their way, they use those obstacles as source of inspiration to soar even higher. However, these people can be good company to others mostly temporarily because of their inclination to be highly self-centered, and looking at ways to promote themselves and their own agenda, much like political leaders.


2 Life Path:

2Life Path 2 indicates that these individuals tend to be highly inclined towards spiritual quest, and they possess an inherent desire for establishing peace and harmony in their surroundings as compared to other numerology numbers. Moreover, these individuals possess a highly diplomatic demeanor, which makes them suitable for playing the mediator or peacemaker in the society. These people make excellent team members, and they are capable of working selflessly for the team instead of their narrow personal gains. They are also visionaries with an idealistic bent of mind, and this often leads them to taking an active part in trying to solve problems through persuasion rather than using brute force.


3 Life Path:

3Life Path Number 3 reveals that the people born under its influence possess an exceptional knack of expressing themselves in the most lucid manner, which enables them to find success in varied fields of life. They have the capability to express themselves through multiple avenues including writing, acting, speeches, or simply speaking, all of which contribute to their stellar success. Moreover, the 3 numerology numbers people have a liking for the beauties and pleasures in life, which leads to them becoming spendthrifts. However, 3 life path numbers people cannot endure any routine in their life, and they feel most comfortable away from dominating personalities in their existence.


4 Life Path:

44 Life Path indicates that people born under its aegis possess an inherent ability to be highly meticulous and methodical in all their endeavors, which makes them ideal in the role of organizers. They also possess an idealistic and humble bent of mind, all of which makes them suitable for planning and executing plans. However, they can become too rigid because of their overtly perfectionist inclinations, which may make them lack innovation and imagination in their work. Moreover, because of their overt devotion towards maintaining discipline, they may become too repressive and dogmatic in their personal lifestyle, and to their family.


5 Life Path:

5Life Path 5 makes people born under their influence to be in love with the notion of personal freedom, not only for themselves but also for everyone around them. Thus, it is obvious for these people to work towards making the world a better place to live in for everyone. Moreover, 5 numerology numbers individuals find routine lifestyle to be their annoyance, and they revel in leading an adventurous life full of innovation and imagination. They can also inspire and motivate all those working beside them with their impressive communicating skills, which make them highly suitable for occupying positions of authority.


6 Life Path:

66 Life Path makes it clear that people born with this number on their charts possess a deeply humanitarian nature, which makes them yearn for ensuring peace and goodwill for everyone. These people tend to be highly family oriented, with all their focus being devoted towards ensuring utmost peace and harmony for their loved ones, even though they are also fond of being useful to their friends and other members of their community. They can also make for effective community leaders because of their caring and responsible nature, but they need to remain guarded against becoming too bossy and domineering.


7 Life Path:

7Life Path 7 is the number that belongs to those individuals who have the capability to develop into great spiritual thinkers. These people possess an amazingly analytical bent of mind, which makes them capable of accurately evaluating every situation that they encounter. Even though these individuals are fond of company of others, they are extremely cautious in making friends because of their aversion towards deception and dishonesty. They are perfectionists by nature, and are careful in picking a close coterie of friends who usually remain so for their entire lifetime. However, this may make them a bit of a loner, and may even lead them towards becoming selfish and secretive.


8 Life Path:

88 Life Path indicates that these individuals have an extremely organized nature, which makes them natural leaders with an ability to make focused attempts towards achieving their goals in life. Moreover, 8 numerology numbers people have an innate capability to judge others accurately, which makes them suitable in the role of executives involving managing large number of subordinates. These individuals are extremely adept at striking good rapports with their employees, and in this process ensure that they become a favorite leader of men. Their focus in life remains money, and they are naturally gifted to succeed in fields involving commerce, business, and politics.


9 Life Path:

9Life Path Number 9 makes people extremely compassionate towards others, with a marked bent towards having a caring and humanitarian approach in life. Their impartial nature makes them highly trustworthy towards others, while their own mental setup makes them inclined towards taking up the responsibility for the betterment of the entire humanity. Their loving and caring personality makes them highly attractive among their peers, while they also win acclaim because of their ability to work for others in a selfless manner. All these qualities make them suitable for taking up the leadership mantle, while they also have a creative side to themselves.


11 Life Path:

1111 Life Path is the first of the master number, and individuals possessing this number face unique challenges in life along with specific achievements waiting for them. They have great qualities such as confidence, sense of security, and a great creative, all of which makes them ideal for taking up the role of a leader, which can however reverse and make them feel frustrated and insecure. However, they have the high likelihood of overcoming all such obstacles in their path, and become highly successful as great leaders. They only need to ensure that they avoid negative traits such as becoming domineering and obsessive.


22 Life Path:

22Life Path Number 22 is another example of master number, and individuals possessing this number on their charts faces the possibility of either reaching the heights of success or spend their life in drudgery. They need to ensure that they make ample use of their formidable talents by settings specific goals in their life, and focus upon achieving those, instead of getting lost in the endless depths of illusion. These individuals possess the unique gift of being able to judge any possibility with the greatest amount of practicality, and this makes them highly suitable of functioning in politics and business at the global level.


33 Life Path:

33Life Path 33 is master number, which is exceedingly rare, and individuals who possess this have the great potential to become revered spiritual leaders in life. These people do not concern themselves with narrow selfish gains, and instead love to focus all their mind and energy upon ensuring betterment of the entire human race. These individuals possess the gift of compassion and tenderness, which endows them with the ability to produce a healing touch to everyone in their vicinity. They need to feel confident about taking charge of their own destiny, and work steadily for the betterment of the society, instead of paying heed to any negativity or manipulative sources in their vicinity.



What is an Expression Number in Numerology?

Numerology is an extremely effective form of study, which helps individuals in becoming more aware of their true potential by better utilizations of their inherent strengths and talents. It is not concerned with what you may or may not have been in your previous lives, if you happen to believe in the theory of transmigration of the soul and reincarnation that is, but with what is happening and going to happen with you in this life. In this regard, the name of a person plays just as important role as their moment of birth in their life by exerting enormous influence upon every sphere of their lives. Thus, numerology name calculator’s determination is of utmost important in order to enable people to become more aware about their true destiny in life.

Name has always been an exceedingly important attribute in any person’s life, even though any individual does not get to use it themselves quite often. However, the naming of a person is among the most important stages in their lives, and the selection of name, something much more than a mere coincidence, or fancy on the part of their parents. This is because a name comes to represent the identity of a person, while also serving as the conduit for the flow of energy from their parents down to them. The number that is most intimately connected with the name of a person in the field of name numerology is the Expression number, knowing which can help any individual in making better-informed decision in life to reach their true potential.

The Expression number reflects all the talents, abilities, as well as, weaknesses and limitations that are present in any individual at the time of their birth. The name of a person merely reflects this inner attributes of that person, and it would be foolish to think on your part that the name you were given was a mere coincidence. Your name will serve as a pointer as to what course your life will take, as well as, as the kind of effort you will need to put in to make maximum use of your abilities and overcoming your shortcomings.



How Expression Number is calculated?

The Expression number is calculated based on the system that each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding numerical value. The calculation proceeds by replacing each letter of your name with its corresponding number, and added up to produce a number, which is the individual integers of that number again added, and repeated till a single digit number is arrived at by this repeated addition, unless the number is a master number. Many believe that merely adding the first name is enough, but the last name is an important source of family traits. Moreover, it is important that you use the name given at the time of your birth without any modifications for the calculations to be accurate. The following chart serves as the reference point for name numerology calculator of the Expression number:

Expression Number Chart
Expression Number Chart

So, in case of the name Mark Jones, the calculation would be – 4+1+9+2+1+6+5+5+1 = 34

3+4 = 7;

Hence, the Expression number for the name Mark Jones is 7.

However, simply entering your name on using this >Link<, the numerology name calculator can provide the Expression number in a few clicks.



What is the Soul Urge Number in Numerology?

The Soul Urge number, also known as the Heart’s Desire number, forms an extremely important part of the numerology name calculator. This number is significant because it represents pretty much which its name stands, which is the innermost desires that are present at the core of any individual’s heart. In short, this number will provide a clear indication regarding what you hold most desirable in your life, i.e. the thing that you yearn for the most. The thoughts that circulate within the innermost realm of your heart are the dreams that you seek to manifest into reality, and this often serve as extremely strong motivators for any person to strive forward in their life. These dreams of your heart can act as the ideals that you can use to meditate and reach your true ideals.

The Soul Urge number does much more that simply providing a clear picture of your inner most dreams and desires, because it acts as a revealer of the true intentions behind almost every action you perform. In fact, this number can often play an extremely important and influential role upon every significant action that you are going to commit in your life. Thus, it becomes important for everyone to become aware of their Soul Urge number through use of an accurate numerology name calculator, in order to receive a clear idea about different aspects of their life. These include their personal and professional spheres, as well as, the lifestyle choices they make, the choices they develop, and the companions they keep.



How Soul Urge Number is calculated?

The vowels in your name can help in revealing your innermost dreams and desires with the help of this you can find out your Soul Urge number. However, you need to ensure at the time of counting that you use only the name that you are given at the time of your birth, and not add any modifications that you may have made afterwards. This is important because any additional names that an individual adds  after their birth is much more than a mere coincidence, and only that name can reveal the true desires present in that person’s heart. However, as per the conventions of name numerology calculator, you need to include all the vowels present in your entire name, and this includes your middle name as well.

The follow chart provides the reference for the calculation of the Soul Urge number:

Soul Urge Number Chart
Soul Urge Number Chart

The calculation of this number is based upon substituting the vowels present in the name, including the middle and last names, with their corresponding numerical values, and then adding them. If the number obtained is a multi-digit number, then add the individual integers, and keep on repeating it till you reach a single digit. Apart from the vowels such as A, E, I, O, U, even the letter Y & W can also count as a vowel in cases of some of the names where it plays a part in the pronunciation of the name.

Thus, in case of the name Mark Jones, the Soul Urge number is 1+6+5 = 12

1+2 = 3;

Hence, the Soul Urge number of the name Mark Jones is 3.

However, you can simply click on the banner below, and the numerology name calculator will automatically find your Soul Urge number without any effort:

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