Life Path Numbers

Life Path Numbers

Life path 1:

1The Life Path number 1 emphasizes independence. It teaches the significance of believing yourself and satisfying desires through self-reliance and one’s determination. If focuses on being a leader and perfectly able to do things at your own pace and achieve what you want. Others may see you as self-centered but despite that, many gets attracted to you as it drives you to act independently, which others like to possess.
On the other hand, the 1s can be a great leader but sometimes not meant to follow the crowd. You have strong determination, free will and creativity that sometimes give you difficulty to follow others. Likewise, people cannot influence you easily. Clashes of ego do really happen. You can be stubborn, egotistical and impatient. You are most likely get disappointed when things aren’t what you expect. But surely, those whose intent is to balance their ego will surely grow and flourish. As what people say “to be a good leader, you should be a good follower and listener”, the 1 should learn the flow of being a good leader and avoid being to domineering.


Life path 2:

Life path 2People who are born in the 2 Life Path are fixer, mediator, and a very diplomatic type of person. You are a good listener and absorber. You prefer persuasiveness than being forceful. You are a peacemaker, intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic, and a visionary. These qualities make you different than others. You have the tendency to think deep and it helps you to understand life’s mystery and facets.
The positive attribute of the 2 Life Path is being fair. You balanced and see all aspects and viewpoints in any argument or situation that you encounter, these makes you a good mediator. You value integrity and you are an open-minded person. You are independent and never demand praise or recognition in your group or team.
The negative side is you easily get nervous, you have a hard time expressing your likes and dislikes and often times bring emotional outrage especially to people closer to you. You are sometimes indecisive which makes decision making difficult.
People in the 2 Life Path, prefer to avoid competition. You try to face the world on you own and avoid dealing businesses. To serve the society and utilize your skills, you are best suited in counseling and guidance.


Life path 3:

Life path 3The Life Path 3 highlights communication as path of expression. The 3s meant to communicate and are considered to be most open and social. You are positive in expressing yourself and living life to the fullest. You are the team player having great interpersonal skills which creates balance and consistency. Words and creativity are your weapon to be successful in whichever career path you will take.
In relationship, you are very loyal but you are so attracted to creative and talented people like you. Their ability to express themselves might be the reason why you are so drawn to them, but these people can be really demanding sometimes.
On the other hand, 3s are so delicate. Sometimes you are over-thrilled and so carefree that you will lose the value and purpose of living. Focusing on a thing long enough is difficult for you as you concentrate in too many directions. But surely, when you focus on something you really like, you will be more creative and turn ideas into reality.
The 3s can break the wall of every person they meet by being social, optimistic and friendly. You are a happy and inspired person that can definitely influence others in a good way.


Life path 4:

Life path 44 Life Path are considered as the cornerstone of society because you are a master builder. You are trustworthy, practical and humble individuals. You are naturally good in planning, fixing, building and making things work. Your practical approach allows you to create schemes and achieve your goals. You are likely to achieve success, prestige and fame when you set your mind and willing to work for it.
The number 4 is associated with the element Earth. You are loyal, devoted and a marriage material. You chose your friend and value friendship a lot and it may last a lifetime. You usually finish what you have started thus makes you a very reliable person, excellent organizer and planner. Your patience and determination are the keys to achieve your goals.
The negative side of 4 is stubbornness, you are not fond of change and may miss a big opportunities that comes once in a while. You have the tendency to be tied up in the daily routine of affairs. You lack sensitivity to your surroundings.
Often you finish what others have started, but it can help you to achieve success. You utilize your skills in the field of entrepreneurship and managerial position.


Life path 5:

Life path 5Life Path 5 highlights freedom. Sometimes you can be a prisoner of your current status but the 5s choose different life experience. Adventures, wide understanding about things and improvement are what matters. You want to use your freedom at maximum level and be as much as productive you can ever be. People see you as a happy-go-lucky person and living life to the fullest.
In relationship, you hate rules, dominance and mistrust. You need a good partner that will understand how trustworthy you are despite of not being always available. It will be hard at first but others will like you simply for who you are and not for what you can do for them. Your simple lifestyle and being so free about everything will be one of the reasons they love you.
On the negative side, since 5s are too much free, you sometimes feel restless, unsettled and not satisfied with things. You change course without finishing the line and can be very irresponsible in serious matters about life. Your freedom is your life but focusing on one thing to achieve something will never be bad.
Nobody can own you but those people whom lives were touched by your uniqueness will never want to lose or forget you. Others also desire for freedom, you are lucky enough to have that while others are stuck.


Life path 6:

Life path 6Life Path 6 are nurturer, always seek the truth, righteous and domestic. You are an idealist and highly instinctive than others. You are born to nurture, may it be at home or in the workplace. You possess conservative principles and convictions that deeply compliment your character. Your approach in life is very human and realistic. Home, family and friends are the most important aspects of your life.
In relationship you are loyal and devoted. You tend to attract partner who are weaker than you and needs to be taken care and protected. Harmony is very important in every relationship the challenge is how to control it when you are stressful and cannot function well. In your circle of friends you have the tendency to become dominating and controlling.
You are kind, sympathetic, generous, understanding and produce few negative examples. The only problem is you become overly responsible to the point of making yourselves a slave to others especially to your family or close friends. The lack of awareness of this Path 6 leads to exaggeration and over-expansive and self-righteous. You feel guilty and uneasy when you reject responsibility which can cause damage to yourself and also your relationship with others.


Life path 7:

Life path 7Life Path number 7 people are peaceful and affectionate souls. You are perfectionist and have good gift for investigation and analysis. You are observant and you expect everyone to meet your standard. Your keen observation helps you detect deception and recognize insincere people. You are not a sociable person and it takes time to make friends but once you do, it will last for a life time.
People view you as a loner and not a joiner. You dislike crowds, noise, distractions and you avoid confusion. You are independent and don’t accept a premise until you have scrutinized the subject. Your life path denotes enlightenment and is vivid at an early age. You stick to your decisions and adaptability is not your cup of tea.
The negative side is you tend to be pessimistic. You can become very selfish and spoiled. Living harmoniously with you can be challenging. That is why negative Life Path 7 prefers to live alone and these negative traits cannot be easily get rid of. You can become apathetic, troublesome and secretive.
You prefer to move away from hustle and bustle of modern life. You become peaceful when you are connected with your inner thoughts and dreams.


Life path 8:

Life path 8Life Path 8 are good leaders and are born to be executive. You are ambitious, goal-oriented, and focused individuals. You possess tenacity, independence and good organizational ability. You know how to manage yourself and your surroundings, your ability to judge a person’s character is an asset in your pursuit of achieving success.
In your relationships, you are good lover but you tend to be workaholic and are too busy to show it. Remember that money cannot buy happiness. Showering your lover with things is not a substitute for showing your love and affection. Time and togetherness are very important in your life.
The negative side of 8 is you tend to be dictatorial and ignore other people’s effort. You are materialistic to the point of neglecting your own family, home and peace of mind in exchange to rewards and material gains. You rarely listen and become aloof and isolate yourself that may lead to loneliness. At times you must try to listen to other people’s opinion.
You wanted to be praised for your hard work and achievements. You highly regard honors and acceptance from the group because of these you are very well suited in business field and political arena.


Life path 9:

Life path 9Life Path 9 people are generous and compassionate. You are caring by nature, trustworthy and honest. You rarely encounter any sort of prejudice and are very empathetic. As the highest single digit number, you hold a higher position among any other Life Path.
Relationship is quite tough for you. You should find a partner that can understand your giving attitude to make the relationship work because if you get a materialistic partner, you are likely to argue with each other.
The Negative side is you easily lose hope. You are demanding by nature and you tend to fail in this level. Being selfless and generous is not an easy trait; you have to learn to balance your path.
You can easily accumulate wealth but never get rich because you prefer to help others who are in need, sometimes you tend to overdo it and usually spend a lot than save. You can become very commanding because you can easily earn the trust of the people around you, they are attracted to your magnetic and open personality.
The number 9 Path is less competitive and business is not for you. You are well suited as judges, spiritual leaders, healers and educators.


Life path 11:

Life path 11Life Path eleven are known to be energetic visionary. You are dedicated, loyal and likely to get marry at an early age. You are born adventurer which makes it hard for other people to keep up to your pace. As a master number you share similar qualities with Life Path 2, only amplified. You understand others in a deeper perspective and can easily create rapport.
You are highly intuitive and living an extreme life. You can easily create deep bond with other people, often on the wild side and you are restless individual. When boredom strikes you would likely to jump from one endeavor to another. This can create an emotional turmoil and at the same time it gives you power.
Because of your innate capability to develop deep and precise insights without going through difficulties, people often misunderstood you, these leads you to be self-conscious and self-criticizing. You can easily develop anxiety and stress that makes you feel being dislike by others and you likely to fight back but your intuition prevents you to jump into conclusion. You need to be careful and think twice before doing things. You should find your core balance to attain calmness and peacefulness. Read more about: Master Number 11


Life path 22:

Life path 22People with Life Path 22 are much disciplined, ambitious, confident and pragmatic which makes you an achiever. You have the potential to gain extreme success and power and share the same characteristic with Life Path 4, only you are gifted with innate intuition and independence allowing you to overcome social anxieties.
The negative side is you judge yourself harshly. You are often unfulfilled in life because you set impractical and realistic standards that created stress and pressure hindering you to achieve success. You are not good in accepting failures and blame yourself for everything even if it is inevitable. Your high self-esteem leads you to be distrustful and lack of faith in other people’s ability.
Your hard work and logical thinking helps you find better ways in every situation you are dealing with. You see the beauty of the world in logical ways, helping you analyze the limit of an idea and makes you understand and break down the complex scenarios into simpler one. People often misunderstand your views but still trusted you. 22s are a dreamer and realist all in one. However, you must learn how to wait; everything has a process and may come to fruition. Read more about: Master Number 22


Life Path 33:

Life path 33Considered to be the master number! 33s are the most enhanced of all numbers. You are exemplary with high devotion and sincerity. Your presence creates great impact to all persons you meet. You set big vision and achieve it in most efficient way. You always put your body, mind and soul to everything you do and that’s what people love about you. Others consider you as desirable model.
On the negative side, because you are the considered to be the master you tend to do things by yourself. It sometimes leads to perfectionism, which sometimes made you restless when things are not going in the way you wanted. You compare yourself to others who already achieved greater than you and will think that you lack something. You don’t feel satisfied to ordinary things you do.
33s have to think that there will always be enough time and space for everything. Too much effort will sometimes lead to undesirable output. You can do things with all what you’ve got. Just stay focused. People with path life 33 can help others in a good way. You can influence anyone with your extraordinary uniqueness and sincerity. Be a healer to anyone. Share the mastery that you possess. Read more about: Master Number 33

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