Business Name Numerology

Business Name Numerology

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Even after careful consideration of various eye-catching business names, one can still be uncertain which name to choose to call your business. Now arises the role of Business Numerology which, when accompanied with determination and effort, will eventually lead you to prosperity.


Business Name Numerology helps you choose the best-fitting business name

An important concept in Numerology is Business Name which deals with choosing the best name for the business. It is widely used throughout the globe to help entrepreneurs pick a powerful designation for their business or brand. As a matter of fact, one of the effective marketing techniques used by companies when advertising their products is using an attracting name that catches people attention when seen printed on flyers or presented  on screens.

Numerology business name



Name Business Numerology works no matter what!

Business Name Numerology depends on individual letters of a name and as each letter vibrates within a certain range of frequencies, this numerology allows us to figure out mysterious signals hid beneath names. Numerologists are often asked whether numerology will help a certain business to follow the right track to success or not? And it turns out that it surely does. One of the reasons is because it relates numbers together, so they sync with one another and start vibrating in harmony.



Business Name Numerology determines the workflow of businesses

How often have we heard of financially stable companies who, out of the blue, goes bankrupt? What if the owners were awake and smart enough to ask for help from a numerologist, who can help them figure out the current path of their company and whether it is flowing upward or downward, using the business number numerology.

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Helps you make business decisions with awareness and clarity

Business Name Numerology is not conducted separately. It is related to some other numerology concepts that individuals usually use before using Business Numerology, such as Expression Number and Life Path Number, that are concerned with what motivates people and what are their limitations, respectively. Business Name Numerology when used wisely with the aid of these two numbers, positions you on the right track where you will be able to make smart decisions and run your business successfully.



Helps you pass business challenges with ease

Once it is decision time, and deciding is no longer difficult, your inner most self becomes motivated to develop an extra ordinary brave soul, which will look forward to face challenges of the business, and assures you could always be counted upon when a challenge arose. It is also believed that whether accepting or refusing a challenge is considered a challenge by itself. Believe it or not, a successful businessman begins with an attracting business name, exactly as best-seller books are known for their eye-catching names.



Helps the business achieve consistent growth

What is most interesting about Business Name Numerology calculator is that it has an outstanding technique that can compel the attention of most people to get attracted to these specific names that are favorable by the Business Name Numerology. Who of us do not want to be attractive to others? The same concept applies with business names; having a good business name means having more followers, which in turn means high productivity. In addition, these followers may not be typical customers of that company! They just get attracted to these businesses’ names, exactly as what occurs when you are watching a  foreign movie or series and you get fascinated by the names of the actors or characters, who you neither know personally nor understand the meaning of their names.



Name Business Numerology prevents you from falling

As it is well-known to most of you, a lot of businessmen attempts suicide as soon as their companies declares bankruptcy, how tough is it to live such a moment? However, Business Name Numerology prevent such emotional objectivities. At the worst scenario, having the belief that you are on the right track will provide you with a strong, well-built ladder that will assist your climb up the hill of prosperity as soon after you descend, perhaps due to reasons out of your hands. Last but not least, you will never feel out of sync with the business.



It’s Easy to calculate:

First pick any name, then work out the following: –

  • Translate alphabets to numbers using this conversion way: –

A, J, S = 1;
B, K, T =2;
C, L, U = 3;
D, M, V = 4;
E, N, W = 5;
F, O, X = 6;
G, P, Y = 7;
H, Q, Z = 8;
I, R = 9

  • Add numbers together then reduce the sum to a one-digit number by adding its components
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 using the remaining names
  • Add the reduced numbers together then reduce again if needed to get the Business Number Numerology
  • See numbers’ meaning below:

1 is the leader, with new ideas, plans, innovation.

2 is all about balance, fairness, relationship… 2 business numerology could be good for coaching business or being a therapist.

3 is about being creative / artistic – related to music, art, speaking. A great number for music or photography site.

4 energy is well organized and focuses on getting the job done. Number 4 (or 22/4) are ideal for manufacturing, construction.

5 is a very successful number about people, travel, fun and entertainment.

6 Six is ideal for teachers, healers or working with community services. An great number for schools, restaurants, healing professions. It’s an energy of trust, nurturing. (But may not be highly focused on making money)

7’s about spirituality and looking inwards for peace. Could be ideal for spiritual places and websites.

8 is a highly powerful number for business. It has high energy, power, and will for success.

9’s is the vibration of seeing the larger picture. It can represent completion and transformation. Great number for coaching businesses, or companies based on teaching something.

Examples: –

Apple   = 1 + 7 + 7 + 3 + 5       = 23 =2 + 3 = 5 : Very successful expression number

Google = 7 + 6 + 6 + 7 + 3 + 5 = 34 =3 + 4 = 7 :          Spiritual and unique expression number


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